Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 6

So my camera battery is dead AND the website I use to crop my photos is BUSTED so basically this wasn't a good scrappy blog day. The page turned out fine but...I'm frustrated. Oh well! I will feel better once I'm caught up!

I've come to a point in this challenge where I'm feeling not much like scrapping, but I'm still pushing myself to do it. So far I feel at a loss for ideas, but then when I push myself to think about it, I can usually come up with SOMETHING! At least I only have to do one page a day and not more! Even better...I don't have to make cards! I'm not a card maker so that would be a really hard challenge for me!

Well yesterday I started my wedding reception/first anniversary book. I don't plan to push through this one as fast as I did Macyn's birthday book. When I did Macyn's birthday book, I basically didn't allow myself to work on anything other than her birthday book. It became really tedious after awhile. Same thing, different day. Really annoying actually. So when I do our wedding reception book I plan to do a little at a time. See, the nice part about doing Macyn's normal growing up book is that each page is different and I get excited to scrap the pictures because they are new each time. But with these longer projects its pretty much the same stuff. So this time I plan to break it up more and do some different project in between. :)

Here is my Day 6 page. I'm using Echo Park Paper's For the Record kit. I just LOVE this kit SO much! Its pretty much one of my all time favorites!

Well that's all for today! See you on Monday!!

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