Monday, October 24, 2011

Crafty Enablers: October Challenge

Hi again :) I just couldn't stay away from the craft room! I was drawn back and I'm glad I went back. I'm happy with what I came up with :)

I met some women, on facebook, through the Scrapbook Steals facebook page. They asked me to join a group they had started called Crafty Enablers. It is a community of 80+ women who all love scrapbooking and are addicted to Scrapbook Steals. I've really loved spending time with this group. One of the best parts about it are the monthly challenges. Each month, one member of the group volunteers to come up with a challenge. This month's challenge was to scrapbook a memory or tradition.

For this challenge I was going to scrapbook an old picture of me at Halloween of Christmas I wasn't feeling inspired by them. Well I remembered an old picture of myself that I had found recently. It was a picture of myself at 1 year old. My mom had found it and when she showed it to me I was like "WOW! That's Macyn!" She looked just like me! That was a very weird thing to discover because, most of the time, when people see Macyn, they comment on how much she looks like Scott. Only a handful of people actually say she looks like me. Well this picture shows how much she actually does look like me!

Here is my page :)

This one wasn't based on a sketch, and I know its super basic but...I love it :) I tried to keep the pictures as the real forefront in this one. I also wanted to leave the left half of the paper open because I really loved those kites :) So I let the paper and pictures guide me ...and I'm happy with it.

Well...that is definitely all for tonight because its almost 11:30pm and, if you know our family, you will know what that means...Scott will be home any minute! Yay!!


  1. She does look so much like you! :-) Love your blog! ~ Kelly Schell Hardin (from Scrappy Girls)

  2. Macyn does so much look like you! She is a perfect blend of you both.

    I need a challenge also. The change in weather has me down and out after a busy, productive summer. My challenge is a card a day, even if it is an easy one. I am so behind in cards that I still have graduations cards to do from last June. AND I need to do your wedding card and Macyn's birthday card. Thanks for the challenge.