Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some updates

Here are some fun pages that I made at my Scrappy Girls crop weekend! My friend, Serena, has asked me to blog them so she can pin some of them on Pinterest! (talk about a compliment huh? ;) My heart got all fluttery when she said she wanted to pin them! ;) haha)


"Be Mine"

"Super Macyn"

"Tales of a Chair"


And here are some of the pages I've made for Avery's first year book:

"Avery Elizabeth"

"Sweet Cheeks"


Paper Girl's Challenge Blog challenge

Hi everyone!!

I know, I know! It has been SO long since I've blogged! I know I'm terrible! But after I got so sick at the end of last year, I took a few weeks off because of how bad I felt. Well after I started to feel better, I just felt so overwhelmed whenever I stepped in my craft room! I just had no idea where to start and how to get started! Whenever I tried to create something, I ended up not being pleased with it. So I took a few months off. A couple weeks ago I went to a crop with some great friends, that I met through Scrapfest and we are now a group called Scrappy Girls! Well the Scrappy Girls crop really inspired me to jump right back into scrapping! So I've jumped back in with both feet first!

So I'm back today with a page that I created for a new blog called The Paper Girls Challenge Blog. (

This was the blogs second week posting challenges and I'm loving them already! I miss the first challenge, but I was good and ready for this one!! The challenge this week was to create a page with a photo strip! So here is what I created:

This page is titled "welcome". It is a page that I created for a book I'm now working on. My friend Ashley has graciously asked me to create an entire scrapbook of her daughter's first year of life. She wants to display the book at Avery's first birthday. I am SO honored that Ashley thought of me, and honestly, I've cried a few times over the idea that someone thinks so highly of my pages that they would trust me with such a big task as creating this very special book. I plan to treat these pages very special and make sure they are some of my best! So far I've loved EVERYTHING that I've done for this book! They are some of my favorite pages and this page is no exception!

So in conclusion, I'm so happy to be back blogging and scrapping! How I've missed it all!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 9!

Well I've officially come back from my nice long weekend away! AND I have flawlessly jumped right back into scrapping!! I'll say this, as much as I was ready for a break from scrapping, I sure did miss it!!!

After all the fun Halloween activities today, I put Macyn to bed and my mom and I jumped into the scrap room pretty much right away! I got two news kits today and was very excited to use them! (I only ended up using one of the kits because I want to save one for some Halloween pictures)

My first page tonight is one I made using some pictures of Macyn and my dad mowing the lawn together :) I used a kit I haven't used before by Bella Blvd. Its called Hello Beautiful :)

I loved the layering that I played with on this layout. Actually both my layouts turned out pretty successful!
Page 1: Grandpa's helper

Page two is the beginning of all my fun Fall layouts! I LOVE fall so I was really excited to scrap the fun pictures I had been taking! I used my NEW kit called Happy Harvest by Imaginisce. I LOVE this kit! SOOOO many embellishments and FUN papers! GREAT.
So here it is! Page 2: Simple Joys

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 6

So my camera battery is dead AND the website I use to crop my photos is BUSTED so basically this wasn't a good scrappy blog day. The page turned out fine but...I'm frustrated. Oh well! I will feel better once I'm caught up!

I've come to a point in this challenge where I'm feeling not much like scrapping, but I'm still pushing myself to do it. So far I feel at a loss for ideas, but then when I push myself to think about it, I can usually come up with SOMETHING! At least I only have to do one page a day and not more! Even better...I don't have to make cards! I'm not a card maker so that would be a really hard challenge for me!

Well yesterday I started my wedding reception/first anniversary book. I don't plan to push through this one as fast as I did Macyn's birthday book. When I did Macyn's birthday book, I basically didn't allow myself to work on anything other than her birthday book. It became really tedious after awhile. Same thing, different day. Really annoying actually. So when I do our wedding reception book I plan to do a little at a time. See, the nice part about doing Macyn's normal growing up book is that each page is different and I get excited to scrap the pictures because they are new each time. But with these longer projects its pretty much the same stuff. So this time I plan to break it up more and do some different project in between. :)

Here is my Day 6 page. I'm using Echo Park Paper's For the Record kit. I just LOVE this kit SO much! Its pretty much one of my all time favorites!

Well that's all for today! See you on Monday!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 5

Here's my page! Sorry it was a day late, but I definitely finished it yesterday! ;)

First page of my wedding reception book!:

Page 1

Page 2

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 4 and Day 8

Well tonight was the first night that I kind of hit a wall. I didn't have much motivation to get into the scraproom today. But I pushed through it and I did it anyway! AND GREAT NEWS! I am OFFICIALLY done with Macyn's birthday scrapbook! It feels so good because I felt like I was never going to get done! Now its on to our reception book which I really will never get done ;) Kidding. There are over 300 pictures from our wedding reception....see why I feel like I'll never get it done? Yeah.

Anyway. My first page tonight isn't really very good but..its something right? It is my day four and that's what matters.

Then I did one more layout to count as my layout for Sunday. I kind of like how this one turned out...but that might just be because I'm finally done with that book! WHEW!

and I'm done for tonight :) See ya tomorrow :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 3 and Day 7

Hi again. Today is a double feature :) I did two pages today, one to cover me for this weekend when we will be out of town.

This weekend we will be gone two days so I had to make sure that I made two pages. I finished the first page today; so that's out of the way! This sketch I was inspired by a wonderful scrappy friend of mine from my Crafty Enablers group, Heather Rulien Conklin. Heather is actually on a design team for Authentique. She created this page for Authentique's blog. Here is the link to her personal blog where she posted her page:

Here is my page I made based on her sketch. I used American Crafts Hello Sunshine kit again :) This is another page for Macyn's first year book.

Next up we have a page I created for day 3 :) Its just a fun one I put together using My Mind's Eye Lime Twist. I was a little nervous when I started putting it together, but it turned out great I believe!

I'm really happy with how these two pages turned out :) This challenge is going great so far!!