Sunday, October 23, 2011


I'm going to set myself a challenge! From now through November, I'm going to make a page a day! I need something to get excited about, and to challenge myself! I thought I should go for the whole year...but oh man..that's a long time!! So maybe I'll just start with a month and see how it goes! I can do it...if I reallllly try! ;)

A few rules, for those keeping track ;), A layout only counts if I document it on this blog! I have to show where the idea came from, if I use a sketch for example. If I know I won't be able to make a sketch on a certain day, then I have to make a sketch in advance to cover that day.

We will be going out of town this weekend so I have to make some sketches to cover that. Today I made three pages. Those could count for this weekend but...I'm not going to count it ;) I'm going to push myself!!

So here we go! To start I have a page that I got from this sketch, from Sketch Savvy ( )

I changed it up a little bit, but nothing too drastic ;) So here is what I made from that sketch:

I used My mind's eye Lime Twist, some random twisty ribbon that I got at Scrapfest that has no name on it, Stampin' up colored cardstock, Sassafras Paper Whimsies, and I think thats it... :)

Next up I have one that I just made up. I'm not in love with it, but it was an easy page to make.

More My Mind's Eye Lime Twist because obviously this is for Macyn's first birthday album. I'm using all MME Lime Twist for this album.

Lastly I have a page that I made from a sketch I drew today.

Here's the sketch. I haaaaaaaaate how this picture turned out gets the job done I guess.

Well that's all for tonight :) Three layouts in a few hours makes for a fairly successful night :) I'll be back with more tomorrow! I'm thinking its time for me to do a layout NOT for M's birthday book. I'm a little tired of doing birthday pictures! There were so many...and how could I not scrap all of them?!?! ;)

Toodles ;)

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